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A Legal Directory

Katsuey's Legal Gateway is a free legal directory for legal professionals researching law related topics on the Internet and lay-people who want to know more about the law, understand their legal rights and obligations and search for an attorney to assist them.legal links

Our wonderful legal research links are available to everyone; however, we do not provide legal advice and we provide legal research services only to licensed attorneys on a fee basis. Please don't send us lengthy emails detailing problems with your landlord. We can't help! However, you might avail yourself of our real estate links and see what you can learn about your state's tenant landlord laws or use one of the links we provide to sites that list attorneys and their specialties.

Katsuey's Legal Gateway is not meant to replace seeking legal advice from skilled attorneys; rather we developed these legal and legal related links for legal professionals and consumers to use in researching the law. In addition, we make no warranty regarding the content or claims of other web sites. We review each site submitted and attempt to correctly describe some of the content we found at the time of our visit; however, sites frequently change content and might even provide false or misleading information. Please review each site with care and check with an attorney for application of legal principles you may find in order to learn if these principles may apply in your location and to your specific legal fact situation.

If you want to recommend a link, please carefully read the guidelines below:

Link guidelines

legal timeKatsuey's Legal Gateway is a directory of legal links, it is not a link farm. We link only to sites with substantive, free legal content; we review every site before deciding whether to include a link. If you want exposure for your law firm or legal product - our legal directory is not the place. Please don't ask for a link in our directory unless you want a sponsor's link. We will turn you down so both your and our time will be wasted.

We link to web sites with substantive free legal content without a requirement for a link back to us. However, of course we welcome sites linking to us whose users might benefit from our legal directory of links.

Help Us Update Our Legal Links

Maintaining a good legal directory takes time and effort. We appreciate those who let us know they have benefited from our legal directory. We also welcome corporate sponsorships or others who wish to make a contribution to our effort.

Please update us when your rearrange your site pages or change locations. If you run across an incorrect link, please let us know by using the contact button at the top of the page.

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