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Clearinghouse of information, resources and jobs available in public sector organizations in America and abroad.

Legal profession's job database. three levels of membership, resume review services and expert career advice. Fee based With three levels of membership, resume review services and expert career advice

Federal government jobs by occupation, Job matching service, job descriptions

Target law firms that fit your individual legal job search criteria, thereby maximizing your number of potential interviews. Fee based

Job Board for US Government employment

Search by keywords, job type or location, browse jobs

Use keywords to search database every day for thousands of active job searches

Focus on attorney placement and are dedicated to the Chicago legal market, fee based

Fee based three months of continuous, targeted exposure to thousands of potential employers and employment opportunities, review our rapidly growing database of on-line classifieds, representing only current opportunities

Search legal jobs database, free.

Search jobs database, free.

Placement of partners, the facilitating of law firm mergers and acquisitions and the development of rainmakers

Directory of legal employers, some information is subscription based

Articles on the process and the steps a lawyer needs to take to make a thoughtful transition

A legal search firm comprised of former practicing attorneys, fee based

Legal jobs across the nation

Faculty, staff, student positions, career centers

Career Information, articles for job seekers from cover letters to salary and interviews


In the Legal News


Alaska Supreme Cout ruled voters can look at list of write in candidates at the polls. More...

A group representing photographers and artists filed a copyright infringement suit against Google in the US District Court of Manhattan, seeking $150,000 in damages for each piece of work it claims was copied, stored and electronically displayed without permission of the copyright holders. More...

The State of Kentucky is suing Pocket Kings LTD out of Ireland to recover losses incurred by Kentucky gamblers online. More...

Ken Auletta recently wrote a book about Google and was planning to travel to China as part of his book tour. However, his publisher recently warned him that the media in China is not allowed to report any thing about Google. More...

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