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Reference/Research Legal Directory


Universal Citation Guide, Vendor neutral citation rules adopted by American Jurisprudence

Lawlink provides quick access to important legal information from the American Bar Association and other resources. Each site is selected and evaluated by a member of the ABA's Legal Technology Resource Center staff

Universal Citation - news, articles

Legal research links

8th Circuit case (August 2000) ruling that its own Rule providing that unpublished opinions are not precedent is "unconstitutional under Article III, because it purports to confer on the federal courts a power that goes beyond the 'judicial'."

Information and links relevant to Supreme Court and appellate practice

How bloodstain analysis helps in solving crimes

Guide for citing Internet sources

Law Dictionary and Self-Help Guides

As the title suggests, this site is dedicated to the original Daubert Opinion and following decisions. The site collects and analyzes appellate decisions and other legal authority relating to Supreme Court's Daubert decision and its progeny.

Information, resources and news available about electronic discovery

Search database for expert witnesses

assembled references of use to people doing Federal legal research

Article by LLRX covering resources on collective bargining agreements

Searchable court case opinions summary database

Identifing fingerprints and dusting for them

Forensic Science Resources in a Criminal Fact Investigation; The FBI Laboratory: An Investigation into Laboratory Practices and Alleged Misconduct in Explosives-Related and Other Cases

Several resources regarding forensic information obtainable from bodies

News, forums, CanSpam library, articles

crime scene investigation as a forensic science, details of documenting a crime scene

US Law, International law, legal associations, bar associations, legal directory, practice, business and employment centers

Access research reports about housing and community & economic development, datasets that can be used for original research, HUD income limits and fair market rents, and much more!

121,465 Academically Valuable Resources, links to Internet accessible databases, journals, textbooks, guides to the Internet for most disciplines, conference proceedings, etc. bio, ag, medical, business, economics, journals, maps engineering, math, social sciences, humanities, performing arts

An interactive tutorial on evaluating the quality of Internet resources on evaluating the quality of Internet resources

A Portal Designed for Librarians to Locate Internet Resources Related to Their Profession

A great place to start research. Site contains links to reference materials, dictionaries, encyclopedias, legal resources, etc. and is organized into categories of reference materials i.e. health and medical sciences, business and economics, law government and political sciences, education, etc.

Online Expert Witness directory

Offering resources and materials on particular areas of legal doctrine or legal theory.

Articles covering a multitude of legal subjects including business, consumer protection, estate planning, lawsuits and bankruptcy

Informational on various types of law, database of lawyers by state and area practiced

Search the world's largest free database of legal questions and answers. Find answers to over 100,000 previously asked legal questions or ask your own free questions from our network of over 3,500 law firms in more than 35 countries.

Search for lawyers, expert witnesses, process servers, investigators, bail bondsmen, trial consultants

Legal research links

Links to federal case law

Links to state law from Alabama through Hawaii and the District of Columbia

Legal research links by category

79,627 samples of legal forms and documents, such as a contract to sell your car, a will, or an employment agreement.

Comprehensive free legal information and resources for over 50 specific practice areas, including videos

A comprehensive directory of lawyers, legal resources and legal news throughout the world. It includes free legal forms, access to lawyers, articles, a legal dictionary and legal assistance.

Legal directory of information

Cases, courts, government, resources, references, fourms, law charts and more

Legal news, lawsuits in the news, many of these resources are books for a fee

A unique Web community designed to meet the day-to-day practice demands of small-firm attorneys. The lexisONE® service is loaded with free resources, including some case law, forms, legal news headlines and articles

Library Servers via WWW

A directory of libraries worldwide. While the majority of the current listings are in North America, the numbers of libraries represented in other parts of the globe is growing

US and Germany court decisions, publications, cases concerning hyperlinks

Over 41,000 JAS Publications jury verdicts and settlements, find prior expert witness testimony and jury verdicts with facts or injuries similar. CT, DC, MD, MI, GA, MA, OH, RI, VA jury reports

Federal, State and International Links

Search for an expert witness by practice area or browse

Practice areas include personal injury, medical malpractice, drug recalls. Criminal law, product liability, toxic chemicals and more

A compilation of cases designed to bookmark, collate and monitor important developments in Internet law, including cases that have significant implications for Internet legal issues even if they are not directly related to the Internet.

Made up of ten Presidential Libraries. Each Presidential library contains a museum and provides an active series of public programs.

A listing of over 5500 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for the research scholar.

The RDN gathers resources which are carefully selected, indexed and described by specialists in our partner institutions. You can be confident that your search results and browsing will connect you to Web sites relevant to learning, teaching and research.

The plaintiffs in one RICO class action suit have a website with links to numerous court documents, including their complaint at contains citations to current publications (articles and decisions) starting from the year1995

Links to federal & state resources, professional directories, legal organizations

Internet Scout Project has focused on research and development projects that provide better tools and services for finding, filtering and delivering online information and metadata. Includes subjects such as Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Math, Engineering, Technology, Research & Education

Comprehensive listing of federal and state slip opinions available through Internet Email. The list divides the free email notifications from those that are fee based

A list of state library agency Websites

Directory of legal links including law enforcement, law libraries, legal organizations and legal services

Law sources for librarians

Find unclaimed property all over the country by searching the various state unclaimed property databases

List of Uniform Laws in Business and Finance, Including Uniform Arbitration, Consumer Sales, Consumer Credit, Tenant Landlord, Fraudulent Conveyance, Land Sales and much more

Assist instructors in examining issues pertaining to finding and evaluating legal and other information on the Internet

Federal, State, cases on line

Extensive online UK legal directory information


In the Legal News


Alaska Supreme Cout ruled voters can look at list of write in candidates at the polls. More...

A group representing photographers and artists filed a copyright infringement suit against Google in the US District Court of Manhattan, seeking $150,000 in damages for each piece of work it claims was copied, stored and electronically displayed without permission of the copyright holders. More...

The State of Kentucky is suing Pocket Kings LTD out of Ireland to recover losses incurred by Kentucky gamblers online. More...

Ken Auletta recently wrote a book about Google and was planning to travel to China as part of his book tour. However, his publisher recently warned him that the media in China is not allowed to report any thing about Google. More...

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